SAGE SAAC meeting 051418

Present: Havens, David B., David M., Deb, Jere, Paul, Peggy, Vince

Not Present: Ellen, Moira,

Open Forum – no one was present

Group Agreements

Minutes for last meeting: accepted.

Paul will be the SAAC secretary moving forward.

Director’s Update:

  1. Thursday social. Deb did a workshop to the 13 people present, which covered breast and cervical cancer screening. People asked great questions. Deb offered to give this presentation to other groups in the LGBT community. Chris Allers did a brief presentation on the inter-generational camp-out. He was invited to the next meeting, on June 14, and talk about NM Genders and Sexualities Alliance. They are hosting a camp-out on 6/14 too.
  2. Men’s Coffee. Paul O to lead future meetings and is looking for help with people to facilitate. David M. plans to attend the next meeting.
  3. Fierce Pride meeting. They received funding from DOH to focus on four populations. Havens suggested that older LGBT persons be one of those groups. They developed a series of frame-able prints for doctor’s offices; the words would change for the different groups. We all liked the art and the words.
  4. Isotopes Game. There are 30-40 tickets for SAGE people; all were taken. EQNM also has tickets.
  5. Mail box key. The mail box is at Candelaria and Eubank (Steve Schiff). Havens has a copy. If someone needs to get into the mail box, a second key will be at David Monson’s office (Senior Citizen’s Law Office).
  6. National SAGE website has our current info. Our SAGE ABQ website has the 2018 meeting minutes posted (under SAGE Matters).
  7. SAGE SAAC recruitment. Nancy has resigned as Chair. Moira has missed this meeting and the last two meetings. It is expected that all SAAC members attend all meetings, if at all possible. Could we accommodate call-ins for people who cannot attend?
    1. Need for a new chair. For the moment, we will ask Havens to “chair” the meetings. Havens pointed out that she asked for the SAAC executive committee to back her up/respond to her questions when she needs guidance. Only Deb (wild-card) and David M. (treasurer) are currently on the executive Committee. Paul (playing the role of secretary) will join the executive committee and play this role.
    2. Golf Tournament (9/14). Nancy has offered to play some role, but she had requested that someone else play the coordinating role; it should be someone on the SAAC. Leslie Elgood had offered to play some sort of role. Someone should meet with Nancy to take the “hand-off” on the event. Peggy and David B. will meet with her.
      1. Sponsors: David B. says that Home Instead will be a sponsor again. Paul and David M. will recruit sponsors.
      2. Meet with the Santa Ana golf pro on what he can/will do for the event.
  • Volunteers
  1. Registration table on-site: David B. will help with this,
  2. Picking up Sheila to speak at the luncheon. Jere offered to do this.
  1. Friendly Visitor Program exploration group (as a planning step towards the Village model). This group has not met since its first meeting. Misty is gathering info on what other SAGE chapters had done with friendly visitor programs. Jere will collect that info from Misty and will convene a meeting of the small group. Jere noted that Janet Popp suggested we speak to the NM Ombudsman Program and to use its model for forming a friendly visitor program. Would any SAGE volunteers be interested in volunteering with the NM Ombudsman Program in exchange for its help with the friendly visitor program?
  2. Meeting Place: Havens will ask if we can continue to meet in the meeting room at 6121 Indian School Road NE. And if we could gain access to the building’s internet.
  3. SAAC recruitment. We need 3-6 additional SAAC members. Paul will ask Gina Bryant.Who might ask Trudy?Sherry Plavnik? She is busy at the Unitarian Church. Vince will ask Louis Trujillo (administrator at Brookdale Tramway). Laura (representing TGRC) attended Deb’s talk; Havens will talk to her. Havens will email the “join the SAAC” hand-out to all SAAC members. SAAC members should distribute the “join the SAAC” hand-out at Pride. Paul will post it at Center for Nonprofit Excellence.
  1. SAGE Finances. Bill B. (Common Bond treasurer) has offered to get together with Havens, but that has not happened. David M. has received donations from three SAAC members. Could all other SAAC members please give David M. a $250 check?Havens needs to know from the SAAC if she can spend money for needed expenses. David M. said that we should assume that we don’t have any money. Havens is being conservative with her time.
    1. Jim Duffield will pay for the Pride booth.
    2. Are we having a float? Havens says that Carla Wilhite has a truck and flatbed trailer. Havens will meet with her and is hoping to bring off a float.
    3. We need a banner and some decoration for the float. Jere will contribute $250 if Havens needs it for expenses. We need SAGE business cards. Havens might be able to use Fierce Price’s spinning wheel, but it is very heavy to carry. Deb has one too; we will want to use it if it is lightweight.We talked about things to give away at the booth.
  2. Development:
    1. Gen3Gen Encore Prize: Paul reviewed the grant opportunity. We talked about applying for funding from this. Matt Allen had suggested the following. Havens noted that we had talked about the inter-generational story project:
      1. What if we proposed a village program for LGBT elders where the helpers were young people.  I think we could make it work if the young people were compensated in a part-time job kind of way.  It would great if our young people would just volunteer for such a program, but like most people, learning to appreciate one’s elders often doesn’t happen until later in life.  If this functioned as a work program while doing something beneficial in the community, I think we could get youth from our program to participate.
      2. I understand such participants would need training, and possibly some type of supervision, we would also need funding for that.  Maybe we could involve our new board member, Katie (who happens to be a licensed social worker).
    2. Envision Fund asked for SAAC members to participate in its Rainbow Family Pride event. David B. will participate. Havens will ask Thursday social group participants if anyone would be able to attend.
    3. Envision Fund. Paul and Havens will work on a brief final report.
    4. Pride Party: Vince said we have a DJ, sound system, bar tender, an entertainer (hula hoop). It will be at Jim Sutton’s house in Old Town. David says that we will try to get food from Standard Diner. They want alcoholic and non-alcoholic donations. They have invited the deaf and leather communities, Gay Men’s Chorus, LGBT Chamber; Havens will send to EQNM, TGRC, OLOC, and Hot Flash Lesbian Dance Meetup. Paul will post it at the In Out & About Meetup. Vince ENCOURAGESus to remind people we have invited the day before. David and Brian will staff the registration table and payments.
    5. AARP projects: We reviewed the list of potential projects. Bill Duncan had been interested in showing Gen Silent at all community centers.
  3. Letter to Tim Keller. We all signed the letter.
  4. Havens reminded us that there needs to be a succession plan for Program Administrator (Executive Director)
  5. June meeting (6/11) will be at Paul & Jere’s house, 4432 Avenida Del Sol NE.